What 6 things that Chess can teach you about Life ?


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Image1. Opening, Middle Game and End game : Chess consists of 3 stages viz., Opening, Middle Game and Endgame. A strong opening will lead to development of all the pieces across the board and gives way to a strong middle game. A stable middle game can lead to a healthy end game and who ever reaches here, would normally win. Life is also the same. A strong opening (teenage) is required and that can be achieved through proper conduct and education. You can then be either employed or self employed living your dream life leading to a good middle game (married stage) where you can do a stable performance. You are now financially secure and you can take care of your family well and lead into the end (retirement) game. The stable middle game should give you a decent end game position to finish off.

2. Power of a Passed Pawn : A pawn may look a small piece, but if reaches (passes) to the end (row), it becomes any power it want to be. So, we should also start like a pawn and become like a passed pawn. Just like a passed pawn advances to the last row by overtaking all those obstacles it comes across and becomes a formidable force to win you a game, We should also reach to that ultimate position by crossing over all those hurdles we come across. The pawn which succumbs, can not withstand the War.

3. Minor Pieces Vs. Major Pieces : There are major pieces on the board like Queen, Bishop, Rook. There are also minor pieces on the board like knights and pawns. Though each pieces plays its own rolls, when compared to others, these are not powerful. Ex: Bishop is powerful than knight in value. Rook is powerful than a bishop, though every piece contribute in its own way. A player who utilizes all of those in a perfect way, would emerge as winner. Similarly, in the life, we have our own strengths. Some are minor, and some are major. If one can hone all those and can produce a synergy, he would emerge as an automatic winner.

4. Gambits : There are so many Gambits played on a chess board. Gambit is a sacrifice deliberately made to win some place advantage or positional advantage. Kings Gambit, Queens Gambit, Center – counter gambit, Alpine Counter Gambit etc are some among millions of others. Each Gambit is aimed at giving its own advantage based on how you handle it. Gambit can also backfire badly. Its all about taking calculated risk. Life is also very similar. To gain advantages from the Life, many a time, one needs to sacrifice so many things. Some times, they does not make any sense, but some times they make you look amazing. Gambit. 

5. Combinations : Combinations in chess are a set of moves which are forced by one player on the other to win. Combinations look brilliant when they come back, but miserable if you even miss a small calculation. Some times, life forces us to play a series of inevitable moves. If you can withstand, you would emerge as a winner, other wise, you are a goner. 

6. Traps : Chess is full of Traps so as Life. If you succumb to a trap, you will end up loosing the game and so is Life.

Dog’s letter to the God.


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The Almighty


Dear God,

Thanks for sending me to the Earth to live with innumerable other beings in your creation. While sending, you said, you have given heart to every one and also said, particularly mankind would treat me very well. You have asserted me that, provided I show faith and give love to mankind, they would also treat me with loads of respect and give me the love i truly deserve.

I believed in your words God and ever since, I have reached here, I showed tremendous faith, love and respect to these human beings. I have not changed a wee bit. My tail would automatically wag, if i see my owner. I would automatically pee with the joy, if i see my owner’s son. I can not stop myself from licking the faces of all those family members to express my love and gratitude. I would literally cry if something happens to them. Sometime, I also put my life on line to protect my owners I always express my gratitude for the food they feed. Story so far is good.

But, I am sorry to say that, you have cheated me in this. You have not given them hearts. You have ignored to instill compassion. I was thrown stones at on the streets helping me to break my legs. I was thrown into Gas chambers to die mercilessly. Dog catchers strangle us with a small iron wire helping us to bleed through our mouths and noses. We were shot to death and abandoned into the forests to die without food. People hang us to trees and beat us to death so that, they can enjoy our flesh. We are skinned alive for our fur.

This is not done. You have betrayed me badly. If someone hurts us, we would still come back to you. But, if you betray us, where should we go?

This is not what we have expected. We expect a small portion of love and affection. Please give us a chance to co exist. That’s all we need.

God, my sincere prayer to you is that, please do not send us here until you are sure that, you are not cheating us anymore. More over, its my request to you to instill compassion and love in the human beings.

Thanks for reading this.

Please do not take any thing to heart,

Always your’s faithfully.

One among a millions who suffer every day in and day out.

6 Reasons why Indain Marriages are more stable for a life time


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Back Ground

Often times, people ask me (specially in Africa) what is so special in Indian marriages and how and why they stick? Is there any magic wand or an invisible whip which keeps the wife and husband away from divorces ? What keeps two unknown people (most of the times until they get married) together for a life time? What happens if they don’t like each other after the marriage?

The following are some clarifications.

1. Marriage is neither a contract nor a memorandum of understanding : For Us, most of the Indians, marriage is neither a contract which enforces its terms and agreements, nor a memorandum of understanding with a force majeure and termination clauses. For us, it is a relationship. Its a godly arrangement for people to live together until the death. Man is treated as God and Woman is treated as nature in most of the Hindu Epics. So, marriage is a relationship between nature and God. Nothing less than that. There is a hell lot of literature available on how to keep a marriage clean and how to treat it and we all are told about it in our teen age.

2. Marriage is a social system : Most of the times marriage is celebrated like a festival. Lot of Euphoria built around the a marriage. Marriage brings lots of relatives together. An environment is built around the marriage such that, the relationship gain a huge respect around it. Lot of Orientation is being given to both bride and bridegroom about the marriage. There is lot of mental preparation given before the marriage to stay together. There is a whole lot of post marriage mechanisms available to sort out post marriage conflicts. Parents and Elders from both the sides try their maximum to rescue a marriage before it collapses. Even the judicial system gives lot of respect to the marriage and in rare cases, before granting a divorce, courts also ask the couple to stay together for at-least one year to sort of any in-differences.

3. Marriage is a not a liability : For most of us, marriage is not a liability but its a responsibility. It brings such an awareness that, the boy starts feeling like a man and the girls starts feeling like an woman. It is not a burden but it surely brings maturity. Most of the play boys and naughty girls with marriage gain mental maturity. The euphoria instills such a discipline among the couple.

4. Marriage create curiosity : Yes, most of us do not know each other often times until they get married. But, there is still a lot of curiosity left to know and understand each other. In dating (often times goes from one year to three years), most of the couples know each other very well before the marriage, so I feel there is not much left to know about each other which brings a kind of boredom among the both may be after 3/4 years so, they feel there is nothing left in it. But, the advantage of starting to know each other after the marriage is that, there is a lot to know about each other after the event and by the time they start actual living together it would take almost 6/7 years. During the mean time, a lot would happen such that, you don’t want to leave others quickly. Even in India dating happens but mostly in the Page 3 world. Post marital life is an evolution but not an event.

5. Children are not a burden but mutual responsibility : Again, Indian marriage system never treats children as a burden but they become the bonding factor among the couple. Immediately after the first born, many a time, couple tend to put aside the in-differences (if i say they are not there, i am lying) to up-bring the children. It is such a wonderful experience.

6. Finally, marriage is not for sex : It has to be understood very well that, most of us never treat marriage as a legal licence for sex. It is way beyond mere sexual pleasure or joy. Parenthood is the utmost important life stage in every single individual as per Hindu traditions. So sex is treated as the way to attain that level than just a mere physical satisfaction.

There are so many other elements in a marriage, which keeps it going for a life time. Marriage is built such a way that, it meets every stage of Maslow’s need hierarchy theory (thousands of years before even it was proposed). But I feel, the above explains thoroughly.

5 benefits I got from Scuba Diving


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1. Experience : It was an awesome experience. One cannot imagine what kind of joy it has given me. Touching the sea bed at 15 mtrs depth was an amazing feeling. It made me a complete person. I was on the land, in the sky and under the water. Uff …. those 30 minitues are the amazing moments in my life. Would do it again and again and again. 

2. Conquer the fear : I was absolutely free after coming out of the water. It has taken all my fear away. I am no more hydro phobic now. I was not before this, but after the scuba dive, I felt like I have taken birth again. Just a touch of hesitation as I heard about the dangers in the shallow waters previously, but this dive has taken away all the fear. Total rejuvenation. It was like the feeling after a deep prayer or yoga. Divine.

3. Confidence : The scuba dive has boosted my confidence tremendously.  I can not measure it in percentages or quantify. But, it gave me a confidence that, I can do any thing. Its like one will suddenly feel like he has became amazingly competent.

4. Exploration : Sea life is amazing. I have seen so much activity under the water. Just with in about 500 to 1000 mtrs from the beach, the life existed was amazing. Seen a fish which looks like a rainbow, seen a plate fish which moves like a hydra and seen so many other living beings under the water. Huge rocks and huge valleys. Sand and sea – bed. Seeing corals taking the breath was simply unforgettable. The colors of the nature and vividity of the life under the water, no words can explain. You have to see and believe. 

5. Entry in to the elite group : Among the billions of the people on this globe, a few of those fortunate would have experienced Scuba diving. I have joined that elite group. What is even more amazing is, since I have known the enjoyment in it, I would never miss it again. Money may come and go, but that experience ….. simply breath taking.

10 Reasons why Relationships Die


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These are my top listed 10 items for why relationships die.

1. Greed : For a relationship to survive and sustain, it is important that, both the persons in the relationship (M to M, M to F or F to F) should not have any selfish motto / vested interest. Many a time, it is this Greed which would kill the beauty in any relationship.

2. Lust : Lust will only take an affair to bed, but may not built a relationship. Relationships are beyond lust. If you cannot forget Lust, forget about getting into a relationship forever.

3. Miscommunications : Miscommunications can spoil any relationships. Some times people mess – up with communications. They would have a lot of affection in the heart but they do not know how to communicate the same. They end up on the losing side.

4. Ego : As indicated in the above picture, Ego (which brings arrogance) can kill any relationship. People often follow the approach of “I am ok – you are not ok” in the relationship and it completely destroys any bondage between the people. People should be prepared to humble themselves and see the role of others in a relationship.

5. Ignorance : People often don’t see the contributions of others in the relationship. They think, they are doing a favor to others by being in the relationship. Relationship is not a favor, it is the mutual support. If it is treated as favor, thats the end of it. 

6. Over Enthusiasm : Some people very early in a relationship, tend to show over enthusiasm. This can go completely wrong. Showing genuine Enthusiasm is ok, but if you start plowing about the background of the other person, trying to know about his / her Ex, why they broke up, whose fault was that etc etc., can lead to a frustration for both.

7. Expectations : Expectations in a relationship are perfectly fine. If both wife and husband are working, they would expect some kind of cooperation from others may be in the kitchen, going to the bank, etc etc., But, if it leads to over expectation from others, and turns into a kind of harassment,  it’s only a matter of time that the relationship wrecks into pieces.

8. Domination : In a relationship both are equal. If your Attitude allows you to be a domineer, the other person start seeing him / herself belittled in the relationship and starts feeling intimidated by others. Relationship should stand on the foundation of trust and love but not domination and intimidation.

9. Quid – Pro – Quo (some thing for something) : If a relationship is built on Quid Pro Quo basis, it would not last for long. It is not a commercial business deal.

10. Judgement : You are not to judge others in a relationship. Accept the fact that, neither of the parties in the relationship are perfect. As long as you keep on valuing the bondage and respect the imperfections, the relationship stands on a balance. Otherwise, it would create a strong imbalance and lead to one party start feeling left out.


What can a game of 20-20 Cricket can give you?


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1. Entertainment : Very few games can entertain you like T-20 Cricket does. Lots of drama and excitement. The cat and mouse game between batsmen and bowlers is fun to watch.

2. Excitement : All most all the T-20 matches brings you loads of excitement. Those nail biting finishes cannot make you to sit in the middle of the chair. The twists and turns in a match makes you to sit on the edge of your seat.

3. Stress : It releases lots of stress. You will almost forget everything while watching the game. The kind of awe feeling it gives you cannot be undermined.

4. Leadership : They put a true test on the captains of the both sides. Loads of leadership lessons are there to be learn. Team selection, Team management, Setting up the targets, Chasing the targets, Failures, Successes, Turn around etc etc., Nothing teaches corporates better than a T- 20 match on Leadership issues. It stresses upon the attitude a captain should have and how to handle pressure.

5. Spirit : Most of the times, the games are played with right kind of spirit. If you do not agree, watch Dayle Stain and AB D’s contest. It tells you how to manage your self at bigger platforms.


5 reasons Why I started treating Kenya as my second home !!!


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Kenya, this name may sound threatening and frightening to most of us. It was same for me, except the fact that, now I started feeling comfortable with travel and countries.

Here, I would like to share the greener side of Kenya.

1. Friendly : Most of the people are very friendly and warm. They are very welcoming and would treat you with a big smile. They treat a person as a person. No matter if you are a toilet cleaner or a managing director. They give you respect and make you feel at home.

2. Green : Most parts of Kenya are amazingly green, particularly the central and rift valley. Coast region is typically Hot, but most parts of Central and Rift valley regions are amazing. Lot of greenery around and Kenyan’s love their greenery. Government is also particular on cutting down of trees and there are so many restrictions on cutting down trees. The rains are good and timely.Lots of Wildlife is also available to see here.

3. Food : Kenya gives you a host of options when it comes to food. There are so many restaurants serve Indian cuisine. Though little expensive, you get good varieties of both South Indians and North Indian varieties. Apart from that, loads of Chainese and Thai varieties are available. Some one who is fond of other variants, loads of Brazilian, Ethiopian, Arabian, Turkish and European stuff available here in most parts of Kenya. Vegetables are widely available. So, if you are a vegan, you can so easily survive here. I like local stuff like Ugali and Mukimo.

4. Language : Most of the Kenya speaks very good English so you can survive easily. Being an Indian, host of temples are around and most of the Hindi speaking community is available here.

5. Unity in Diversity : People from USA, Europe, China, India, Japan, Srilankans, Pakistanis and people from other parts of the World live in Nairobi. I have never seen any sorts of disturbances because of Nationality. This country gives space for every one.

12 Questions I started asking myself.


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Offlate, I started asking the following questions to myself.

1. What is my goal ?

2. Have i realized my potential ?

3. Am I successful ?

4. Is my sacrifice deserve it ?

5. Am I learning enough ?

6. Is it the life I wanted to lead ?

7. Do I deserve better ?

8. Why is it happening again ?

9. Being good and sincere does not deserve it ?

10. When is it going to end ?

11. Whom should I trust ?

12. Does people deserve any trust ?

Living Life with a Purpose


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A business man has reached his office one day, after finishing his business business trip. In the meantime, a new security officer has joined and he has never seen this business man. So, he stopped business man from getting in, and asked,

1. Who are you?

2. Why are you going in ?

Businessman irritated and got into an heated argument with the security officer. Before the situation got worse, the secretary of the businessman has intervened and the businessman got into his office. After a while, the business man called in for the security officer. Then, he comforted the security and said, “Those questions you asked at the gate made a lot of sense to me. Sometimes, I tend to forget asking those questions to myself. Can you ask me those questions everyday? Those are the questions help me to focus on my purpose.”

This is true with all of us. We needed to ask those questions to ourselves. Who are we and what is our purpose of coming here. Otherwise, we simply drift away from the main purpose.