Politically Incorrect

We are about to celebrate our Independence day in a couple of days from now. But as usual, I am still asking myself, What does this independence day mean?

I still think that, we are still in the slave mentality. “Bhajan” culture has reached to new peaks in every sector of life. It could be politics, it could be cinema or even it could be in the bureaucracy. Individuals are getting more importance than the process. Congress Party, the recent TRS party and YSR congress and TDP are some of the examples of this. Even if you take film industry, there are innumerable examples of those. There is no need to talk about businesses.

We are forgetting the facts of how independence has been attained. Independence has been attained on the foundations of Ahinsa and Shanthi. Both are forgotten completely. Every where it is Hinsa and Ashanthi. Let it be…

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