We are about to celebrate our Independence day in a couple of days from now. But as usual, I am still asking myself, What does this independence day means?

I still think that, we are still in the slave mentality. “Bhajan” culture has reached to new peaks in every sector of life. It could be politics, it could be cinema or even it could be in the bureaucracy. Individuals are getting more importance than the process. Congress Party, the recent TRS party and YSR congress and TDP are some of the examples of this. Even if you take film industry, there are innumerable examples of those. There is no need to talk about businesses.

We are forgetting the facts of how independence has been attained. Independence has been attained on the foundations of Ahinsa and Shanthi. Both are forgotten completely. Every where it is Hinsa and Ashanthi. Let it be cross border terrorism or inhouse extremism. Things have changed drastically. If governments have started to torture people (like in UP and Telangana) for classic examples, where the common man would go?

Commercial India : India has started revolving around money and huge commercialisation started to happen in the minds of the people and its extremely dangerous. It is nothing but travelling backwards. People are no longer compassionate and charitable (atleast the new – zen per say) for which India is known for years.

Disappearance of Unity and Diversity : India is known for unity in its diversity. But, there is nothing to speak about it now. Vote bank politics have split India into Majority and Minority, Saffron Vs Green, Dalits vs Upper Crest. Insipid politics and Tuglak like rulers have spoiled the spirit of the country and now, regionalism has been included into this vicious cycle.

No progress in Education system or Research : All the five year plan system was totally diluted and there is no prioritization. Country is following an adhoc system of governance. (still have not considered Modi’s government’s existence for this article). USA already ruled the corporate India and the previous government. Just after being released by UK, we have landed into being ruled by USA, a much dangerous proposition.

Lost Culture : Pub – Culture, Playboy clubs and Rave parties. This is not India known for traditionally. All over the world, still India is considered as cultural guru and this is where we have ended up.

Still rich is growing rich and poor is growing poor and India is still developing.

This is not growth. This is not what the independence means. But, still, I am hopeful of seeing a new dawn. Incredible India, Mera Bharat Mahan.

Congratulations to all the readers on the occasion of India’s another Independence Day.