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Let me tell you. I used to be a damn extrovert.  Nothing literally nothing used to stay as a secret with me. I used to reveal about myself, my family, my background and every thing literally everything to all those whom I trust (and i trust people in a jiffy). The same thing has continued till the last year. Due to some dramatic instances, I stopped talking to people and started talking with my self. Every morning I bike to the office, I talk to myself, Every evening I return from the office, again its self talk. Once in every two days, I try to find time to talk to myself.  So, what that self talk is all about?

It is not some thing insipid or insane. It is not copious. It is very very diminutive. But, my self talk is all about reflection. I usually playback or rewind the moments before that self talk to evaluate what went right and what went wrong. Who is correct and who is incorrect. What is true and what is false. In the hindsight, what I should have been doing and what had i done. It gives me tremendous insights on what to do. Next time when i face such a situation, it helps me not to stammer. 

Speaking with others may release our frustration, but words always carry from person to person. And many a time they are miscarried with or without malice. Whether they have been carried with or without malice, the carrier is still damaging our personal reputation. These carriers work as catalysts to exacerbate the situation. 

Speaking to ourself is a remedy. Its a panacea. It is like healing. When you evaluate what has happened and realize things happened without your mistake, it gives you a kind of relief. If things happened with our mistakes, it always provides us an opportunity to rectify. During the self talk, I always ask the following to myself. 

1. Am i doing right in that situation ?

2. Am i talking sense in that situation ?

3. Was I in control of that situation ?

4. Was my behavior correct in that situation?

5. Were others right in that situation?

6. If i was wrong, what was the mistake?

7. What should i do, If i don’t have to repeat that mistake?

The same self talk I perform, even when I am going to take an important decision or standing at the cross road. It has helped me a lot and it can help you too.