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  1. Do respect others : This is the first and foremost thing to do. Always respect the other person. Respect their emotions, work, and feelings. Never ever try to hurt them. Try to comfort them and give them the warmth they need. Do not ignore them.
  2. Do not police : Policing the other person in a relationship can hurt the tie up big time. show the trust and faith on the other person. Trying to break their emails, trying to peep into their Facebook or spying on their schedules will not help. If you are not happy, discuss and break up. But, if you are married and having children, never ever try the option of breaking up. It doesn’t help.
  3. Do Cooperate : Relationships are all about understanding and cooperation. Always try to do those little things for others and in turn they will do the things for you. Thinking that, every time others should work for you will not take the relationship anywhere. After all others are not slaves. 
  4. Do not let I am ok you are not ok attitude : This is important for a long lasting relationship. Both are equal in a relationship. Thinking that one is always right and others are always wrong cannot take it any where.
  5. Do listen : Be a good listener for a successful relationship. Even though, you know that, what others are speaking is rubbish, first let them finish what they are saying. It always gives others the confidence that, they can come back to you in crisis. Once, they finish, try to put your point straight. 
  6. Do not poke into the past : This is a big mistake most of us do. In a relationship, we always try to insult or belittle the others by poking into the past or poking at their past. Never ever do this. We all made mistakes and so does they. 
  7. Do show your confidence to others : Even the situation is heated, try to show that confidence to others that you are actually trying to sort out the things, than trying to complicate. Let the guilt remain with them, but not with you. 
  8. Do not slip words : Abuses / slip of tongue will only complicate the issue. Try to stop the conversation, even it looks abrupt. Walk off from the scene or disconnect the phone (if argument is taking place on your phone). Just allow the situation to settle down. Give it some time. Because, people remember what you have spoken for a long time. 
  9. Humble yourself : Instead of doing a fault finding with others, humble yourself. Accepting other’s view point temporarily will not reduce your respect even a single bit. Be accountable. Do not feel shy about being accountable. It pays. 
  10. Do not panic : Panicking and behaving violently will only worsen the situation. Keeping quite always helps. Other’s would realize your greatness at a later point of time and you will gain the upper hand automatically. Never ever, hurt others. Remember, people may forgive but they don’t forget.
  11. Finally do not think about divorce : If nothing works, then divorce should be the last last last option. Many a time, most of the relationship problems are egoistic and can be sorted out with simple discussions. Allow your parents to intervene or your friends to come in or do the maximum to stand on the relationship. Do not choose for the easy option. Every individual is different and they have different feelings and emotions. Coexistence is the beauty of any relationship. Do not spoil the beauty. Lowering your self will only add value. Does not decline.