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  1. Leader with a vision : After 10 years of insipid UPA rule, led by congress, the whole India is looking for a person who can help India to advance with a vision. And fortunately, the new prime minister has a lot of vision and he had already proven his capacities in the last 15 years as a chief minister.  He is able to attract loads of foreign investments to Gujrat during his regime and can the same be expected for a larger country at a larger level. He embraced development agenda beyond caste, creed and other political vote bank agenda. That has won him lots of laurels. The opposition itself has to accept the development produced by this man.
  2. Strategist : Mr.Modi is very unconventional and out – of – the box person. His strategies in the political / Goverment warfare are un – paralleled. The way he has won the recently concluded electoral battle in India is the evidence for it. The way he has reduced the corruption in the Government of Gujarat was simply amazing. The way has protected the law and justice are simply superb.
  3. Man with a voice : He is not a puppet in the hands of some one. India has seen something like that for the last few years and people got frustrated. There was a parallel power center in the Government and it used to have a major say on the policies and politics. This man is powerful enough not to have that happen again.
  4. Guts : This man have the huts to speak about the border issues we are facing with Pakistan and China offlate. The ruling party was not able to do it effectively during its previous regime. Political people tried to sling loads of mud at him, but he got the courage and guts to come clean from it and emerged as a winner. Even though, the rape cases are rampant in India these days, Gujrat is one of those states where rape cases are reduced to a minimum and Gujrat is one of the safe places for the women.
  5. Humble background : Most of them may not know but, he is a man from a very very humble background. He used to help his father to sell tea in the railway stations. He has seen what life is. At the age of 19, he left home exploring the truth. He wanted to become a saint, but was stopped by his teacher. So, none better than him, would understand the plights of the common people.
  6. Man with lots of humility : This person is humble enough to send lots of personalised thanks giving cards (after being declared as the would – be prime minister) to his supporters in the Twitter. He is the one who takes time to respond to people. He is the one, who wants to mingle with the people and know their situation in and out.
  7. Unanimous : India has never seen such a wave towards a person. He has won almost unanimously. Entire India has accepted him as their prime minister. Minorities, include Muslims has agreed and accepted his leadership. A point to be noted is that, Modi was projected as a threat to the Muslims. Winning 71 out of 80 available seats in Uttarpradesh, one of the strong Muslim strong holds just prove that point. It means, almost entire India has seen a leader in him and vested the responsibility on his shoulders.
  8. Hardworking and Enterprising : He wakes up around 4.00 am in the morning and works till 11.30 in the night. During the recent election campaigns this man has traveled around 300,000 Kms and addressed more than 5000 public meetings. He has spoken with Tea Sellers to college students to IT experts to Film actors to … the list goes on. Gujrati’s are natural risk takers and enterprising. Those entrepreneurship qualities and risk taking are the need of the hour for India now.

Finally, this man is not from “Gandhi’s” family. We all believe that, he looks at India from a new perspective. If he does not live up to the expectations, he knows what would happen to him in 2019. So, along with me entire India believes that, he would do well. We wish him all the best .