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  1.  Life is an opportunity : Life is an opportunity to live. Life is an opportunity to prove my worth. Life is an opportunity to live and Life is an opportunity to achieve. Let what may come, there is no joyous experience than living it. The beauty lies in taking the challenges that life throws at you head – on. I feel pity at people, who succumb to those challenges without realizing their own potential. Life invites you to conquer it but not to surrender to it. 
  2. Life comes only once : You cannot born just as you are twice. It is only a one time event. What you want to do with that is up to you. For me, I love to enjoy most of the moments. I am also a human, I will also feel depressed, disappointed and down – trodden. But, I like to quickly get on with it. Thinking about what has happend for a long time is not my game. Eagerly waiting for the next moment, living in the present and ignoring the past is the most wonderful thing happens to me quickly. I really enjoy conflicting my own self, talking to my own self and engaging me by me. Think about others, and at-least make a difference to one more life during the life time. Don’t just be selfish. People should remember how you lived but they should not forget who you are.
  3. Life is not a life without adding life to it : A life not well lived is not a life at all. I always add some life to it. I do lot of mischief, i do a lot of poking and I make fun of my own self. Without that, life is like a travel in the desert. I don’t even mind about what other’s think about me really some times. I enjoy people crying over me and people appreciating me. I believe in being a bundle of emotions than being a mere vegetable cutting tray. Loving an animal, enjoying a song and reading a beautiful book are some of my ways to adding life to life.
  4. Life is fast and furious : Every moment you spend, is taking you near to your death. Life is so dynamic. If you can match that dynamism, that is where you enjoy. Waiting for a life time for things to happen has never occurred to me. Finishing what is in my hand and moving on with what is going to come is my style of living. With in a blink, life can turn on its head. There is no point in thinking about it. Get on with it. The thrill and adrenaline rush in facing challenges and beating them out can never match any thing.
  5. I hate suicides : Let what may come, you are not entitled to commit a suicide. Life is much more valuable than what prompts you to make suicide. In fact, suicide need much more courage. If we put only a small percentage of that courage in facing our problems, we can easily conquer those problems. What ever could be the reason, I hate suicides and people commit suicides. They are sick people and don’t deserve even a chance to get the opportunity to live.
  6. Some times, Life is out of control : You may think, this is my life and i can control it. But, accept the fact that, some times things are not in our control. Some times, things happen just like that. One can not do much about it. My best approach for those situations is to enjoy those. Remember, you cannot change most of the things. You cannot change your parents, you cannot change where you have born and you cannot change how you are going to die. What ever comes in between, goes in between.
  7. Take every opportunity : For me, I prefer taking every opportunity that comes my way. It may be a late night travel through a thick forest or going to a Tsunami effected area. Doing scuba dive or a bungee jump. Learning music or writing a blog. I prefer to explore. Sitting bogged down is what i fear most. Nothing stops me from exploring those challenging moments. 
  8. Most of the problems are self – inflicted : In life, most of the problems are self – inflicted. Most of problems we see are not problems at all. Changing the perspective a wee bit can make a big problem to an easy achievable challenge. That is what I believe mostly. 
  9. Trust : Trust others to gain the trust. Life with full of skepticism is nothing but hanging our self to a tight rope. If one keeps on doubting every thing, there would be a moment where one cannot trust their own selves. I just don’t want to end up there. 
  10. Finally, I don’t take most of the things to heart : I don’t take much of the things to heart. Life is too small to live and there is no place for those incidents in my heart which would pull me down. I rarely fear ( I really do some times). But, fearing a fellow human being is one of the worst things those could happen to you. My life is full of fun and energy. Nothing more than that.