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Once upon a time, there lived a master and a servant. The servant was very honest and hard working and he worked for a good 30 years serving the master. He would never ask any thing and would work for hours and hours and hours.

The master is also observing the honesty of this servant and always was thinking about how to benefit the servant. When the servant has reached a saturation point, he went to the master and asked him to permit him to retire and go back to his home in the upcountry. Master agreed and asked the servant to do one last assignment before he leave. He has taken the servant to his back yard and showed a pile of wood,bricks and stock of cement and asked the servant to construct a strong house.

The servant was little unhappy. Though he was honest, he was dissatisfied as well. He always thought, he was not compensated enough for his hard work. When the master asked him to construct a house, he thought, that was not going to yield him any thing and decided to do a halfhearted job. 

He just finished constructing a weak house which for the looks was alright, but not strong enough to live. He went back to the master and reported the completion. The master was happy and told the servant that, all those years he was not able to compensate the servant enough and at the age of retirement, he wanted to gift the house to the servant. Now, what the servant has constructed was a gift to him and the servant can stay in that house forever.

Servant was shell shocked and started repenting on his compromise at the last minute.

This is true for all of us. We take all our years of work to donkeys for a minor dissatisfaction. We don’t see through the effort we have put in for all those years. We lose our integrity at the last moment and start showing our dissent.  That is why they say, attitude is every thing. Losing attitude at the last moment can spoil all those years of hard work and the reputation earned. Building goodwill is very difficult but losing would take only a single moment. So let us all be careful in not to lose of focus for petty issues. Let us look at the big picture. Believe in tomorrow. Your hard work would definitely get you noticed.