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Image1. Opening, Middle Game and End game : Chess consists of 3 stages viz., Opening, Middle Game and Endgame. A strong opening will lead to development of all the pieces across the board and gives way to a strong middle game. A stable middle game can lead to a healthy end game and who ever reaches here, would normally win. Life is also the same. A strong opening (teenage) is required and that can be achieved through proper conduct and education. You can then be either employed or self employed living your dream life leading to a good middle game (married stage) where you can do a stable performance. You are now financially secure and you can take care of your family well and lead into the end (retirement) game. The stable middle game should give you a decent end game position to finish off.

2. Power of a Passed Pawn : A pawn may look a small piece, but if reaches (passes) to the end (row), it becomes any power it want to be. So, we should also start like a pawn and become like a passed pawn. Just like a passed pawn advances to the last row by overtaking all those obstacles it comes across and becomes a formidable force to win you a game, We should also reach to that ultimate position by crossing over all those hurdles we come across. The pawn which succumbs, can not withstand the War.

3. Minor Pieces Vs. Major Pieces : There are major pieces on the board like Queen, Bishop, Rook. There are also minor pieces on the board like knights and pawns. Though each pieces plays its own rolls, when compared to others, these are not powerful. Ex: Bishop is powerful than knight in value. Rook is powerful than a bishop, though every piece contribute in its own way. A player who utilizes all of those in a perfect way, would emerge as winner. Similarly, in the life, we have our own strengths. Some are minor, and some are major. If one can hone all those and can produce a synergy, he would emerge as an automatic winner.

4. Gambits : There are so many Gambits played on a chess board. Gambit is a sacrifice deliberately made to win some place advantage or positional advantage. Kings Gambit, Queens Gambit, Center – counter gambit, Alpine Counter Gambit etc are some among millions of others. Each Gambit is aimed at giving its own advantage based on how you handle it. Gambit can also backfire badly. Its all about taking calculated risk. Life is also very similar. To gain advantages from the Life, many a time, one needs to sacrifice so many things. Some times, they does not make any sense, but some times they make you look amazing. Gambit. 

5. Combinations : Combinations in chess are a set of moves which are forced by one player on the other to win. Combinations look brilliant when they come back, but miserable if you even miss a small calculation. Some times, life forces us to play a series of inevitable moves. If you can withstand, you would emerge as a winner, other wise, you are a goner. 

6. Traps : Chess is full of Traps so as Life. If you succumb to a trap, you will end up loosing the game and so is Life.