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The Almighty


Dear God,

Thanks for sending me to the Earth to live with innumerable other beings in your creation. While sending, you said, you have given heart to every one and also said, particularly mankind would treat me very well. You have asserted me that, provided I show faith and give love to mankind, they would also treat me with loads of respect and give me the love i truly deserve.

I believed in your words God and ever since, I have reached here, I showed tremendous faith, love and respect to these human beings. I have not changed a wee bit. My tail would automatically wag, if i see my owner. I would automatically pee with the joy, if i see my owner’s son. I can not stop myself from licking the faces of all those family members to express my love and gratitude. I would literally cry if something happens to them. Sometime, I also put my life on line to protect my owners I always express my gratitude for the food they feed. Story so far is good.

But, I am sorry to say that, you have cheated me in this. You have not given them hearts. You have ignored to instill compassion. I was thrown stones at on the streets helping me to break my legs. I was thrown into Gas chambers to die mercilessly. Dog catchers strangle us with a small iron wire helping us to bleed through our mouths and noses. We were shot to death and abandoned into the forests to die without food. People hang us to trees and beat us to death so that, they can enjoy our flesh. We are skinned alive for our fur.

This is not done. You have betrayed me badly. If someone hurts us, we would still come back to you. But, if you betray us, where should we go?

This is not what we have expected. We expect a small portion of love and affection. Please give us a chance to co exist. That’s all we need.

God, my sincere prayer to you is that, please do not send us here until you are sure that, you are not cheating us anymore. More over, its my request to you to instill compassion and love in the human beings.

Thanks for reading this.

Please do not take any thing to heart,

Always your’s faithfully.

One among a millions who suffer every day in and day out.