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1. Experience : It was an awesome experience. One cannot imagine what kind of joy it has given me. Touching the sea bed at 15 mtrs depth was an amazing feeling. It made me a complete person. I was on the land, in the sky and under the water. Uff …. those 30 minitues are the amazing moments in my life. Would do it again and again and again. 

2. Conquer the fear : I was absolutely free after coming out of the water. It has taken all my fear away. I am no more hydro phobic now. I was not before this, but after the scuba dive, I felt like I have taken birth again. Just a touch of hesitation as I heard about the dangers in the shallow waters previously, but this dive has taken away all the fear. Total rejuvenation. It was like the feeling after a deep prayer or yoga. Divine.

3. Confidence : The scuba dive has boosted my confidence tremendously.  I can not measure it in percentages or quantify. But, it gave me a confidence that, I can do any thing. Its like one will suddenly feel like he has became amazingly competent.

4. Exploration : Sea life is amazing. I have seen so much activity under the water. Just with in about 500 to 1000 mtrs from the beach, the life existed was amazing. Seen a fish which looks like a rainbow, seen a plate fish which moves like a hydra and seen so many other living beings under the water. Huge rocks and huge valleys. Sand and sea – bed. Seeing corals taking the breath was simply unforgettable. The colors of the nature and vividity of the life under the water, no words can explain. You have to see and believe. 

5. Entry in to the elite group : Among the billions of the people on this globe, a few of those fortunate would have experienced Scuba diving. I have joined that elite group. What is even more amazing is, since I have known the enjoyment in it, I would never miss it again. Money may come and go, but that experience ….. simply breath taking.