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These are my top listed 10 items for why relationships die.

1. Greed : For a relationship to survive and sustain, it is important that, both the persons in the relationship (M to M, M to F or F to F) should not have any selfish motto / vested interest. Many a time, it is this Greed which would kill the beauty in any relationship.

2. Lust : Lust will only take an affair to bed, but may not built a relationship. Relationships are beyond lust. If you cannot forget Lust, forget about getting into a relationship forever.

3. Miscommunications : Miscommunications can spoil any relationships. Some times people mess – up with communications. They would have a lot of affection in the heart but they do not know how to communicate the same. They end up on the losing side.

4. Ego : As indicated in the above picture, Ego (which brings arrogance) can kill any relationship. People often follow the approach of “I am ok – you are not ok” in the relationship and it completely destroys any bondage between the people. People should be prepared to humble themselves and see the role of others in a relationship.

5. Ignorance : People often don’t see the contributions of others in the relationship. They think, they are doing a favor to others by being in the relationship. Relationship is not a favor, it is the mutual support. If it is treated as favor, thats the end of it. 

6. Over Enthusiasm : Some people very early in a relationship, tend to show over enthusiasm. This can go completely wrong. Showing genuine Enthusiasm is ok, but if you start plowing about the background of the other person, trying to know about his / her Ex, why they broke up, whose fault was that etc etc., can lead to a frustration for both.

7. Expectations : Expectations in a relationship are perfectly fine. If both wife and husband are working, they would expect some kind of cooperation from others may be in the kitchen, going to the bank, etc etc., But, if it leads to over expectation from others, and turns into a kind of harassment,  it’s only a matter of time that the relationship wrecks into pieces.

8. Domination : In a relationship both are equal. If your Attitude allows you to be a domineer, the other person start seeing him / herself belittled in the relationship and starts feeling intimidated by others. Relationship should stand on the foundation of trust and love but not domination and intimidation.

9. Quid – Pro – Quo (some thing for something) : If a relationship is built on Quid Pro Quo basis, it would not last for long. It is not a commercial business deal.

10. Judgement : You are not to judge others in a relationship. Accept the fact that, neither of the parties in the relationship are perfect. As long as you keep on valuing the bondage and respect the imperfections, the relationship stands on a balance. Otherwise, it would create a strong imbalance and lead to one party start feeling left out.