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1. Entertainment : Very few games can entertain you like T-20 Cricket does. Lots of drama and excitement. The cat and mouse game between batsmen and bowlers is fun to watch.

2. Excitement : All most all the T-20 matches brings you loads of excitement. Those nail biting finishes cannot make you to sit in the middle of the chair. The twists and turns in a match makes you to sit on the edge of your seat.

3. Stress : It releases lots of stress. You will almost forget everything while watching the game. The kind of awe feeling it gives you cannot be undermined.

4. Leadership : They put a true test on the captains of the both sides. Loads of leadership lessons are there to be learn. Team selection, Team management, Setting up the targets, Chasing the targets, Failures, Successes, Turn around etc etc., Nothing teaches corporates better than a T- 20 match on Leadership issues. It stresses upon the attitude a captain should have and how to handle pressure.

5. Spirit : Most of the times, the games are played with right kind of spirit. If you do not agree, watch Dayle Stain and AB D’s contest. It tells you how to manage your self at bigger platforms.