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Kenya, this name may sound threatening and frightening to most of us. It was same for me, except the fact that, now I started feeling comfortable with travel and countries.

Here, I would like to share the greener side of Kenya.

1. Friendly : Most of the people are very friendly and warm. They are very welcoming and would treat you with a big smile. They treat a person as a person. No matter if you are a toilet cleaner or a managing director. They give you respect and make you feel at home.

2. Green : Most parts of Kenya are amazingly green, particularly the central and rift valley. Coast region is typically Hot, but most parts of Central and Rift valley regions are amazing. Lot of greenery around and Kenyan’s love their greenery. Government is also particular on cutting down of trees and there are so many restrictions on cutting down trees. The rains are good and timely.Lots of Wildlife is also available to see here.

3. Food : Kenya gives you a host of options when it comes to food. There are so many restaurants serve Indian cuisine. Though little expensive, you get good varieties of both South Indians and North Indian varieties. Apart from that, loads of Chainese and Thai varieties are available. Some one who is fond of other variants, loads of Brazilian, Ethiopian, Arabian, Turkish and European stuff available here in most parts of Kenya. Vegetables are widely available. So, if you are a vegan, you can so easily survive here. I like local stuff like Ugali and Mukimo.

4. Language : Most of the Kenya speaks very good English so you can survive easily. Being an Indian, host of temples are around and most of the Hindi speaking community is available here.

5. Unity in Diversity : People from USA, Europe, China, India, Japan, Srilankans, Pakistanis and people from other parts of the World live in Nairobi. I have never seen any sorts of disturbances because of Nationality. This country gives space for every one.