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A business man has reached his office one day, after finishing his business business trip. In the meantime, a new security officer has joined and he has never seen this business man. So, he stopped business man from getting in, and asked,

1. Who are you?

2. Why are you going in ?

Businessman irritated and got into an heated argument with the security officer. Before the situation got worse, the secretary of the businessman has intervened and the businessman got into his office. After a while, the business man called in for the security officer. Then, he comforted the security and said, “Those questions you asked at the gate made a lot of sense to me. Sometimes, I tend to forget asking those questions to myself. Can you ask me those questions everyday? Those are the questions help me to focus on my purpose.”

This is true with all of us. We needed to ask those questions to ourselves. Who are we and what is our purpose of coming here. Otherwise, we simply drift away from the main purpose.