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ImageI just came across this story and want to share it with my readers.

There was a great spiritual master one day speaking in a forum. He was talking about not to imitate any one and be on our own. For the same, he has given this beautiful example.

He upheld a 100 dollar bill and asked the audience, who wanted to own it? Many of the hands went up. Almost every one. Then, he crumpled the note slightly and asked the audience again the same question. Almost all the hands went up. This time, he crumpled the note heavily and asked the audience the same question again. Even after this, so many hands went up.

Then, he threw the same bill on the floor and started to stamp on it with dirty feet. He suddenly stopped and asked, what is the value of this note? Every one said, UsD 100/-. He again did the same thing, and asked, and has gotten the same answer. This time, he spat on the bill and asked people, again people gave the same answer.

Now, the master explained. “Look at the both instances. In both of them, the original note has not lost its value. In the first case, all of you wanted to own it, however may crumpled it was and in second case, all of you have given the same answer, however mutilated the note was. I was the beauty of staying original in whatever may be the circumstances. Neither your stature nor your value deteriorate as per the situations. But, if you start behaving as if you were not what you were, then possibly you will loose your glory and charm.”