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Image“If you put yourself in a position where you have to stretch outside your comfort zone, then you are forced to expand your consciousness”. ~Les Brown

We all are very comfortable in the realm of what we do regularly. We use the same road while going to the office, we go to the same restruant when we dine, we run the same distance every day while we jog and we speak to the same subordinate in order to get the things done. That is called Comfort Zone.

We all enjoy unlimited advantages while sitting in our own comfort zone. Why we do this ? Because we are assured and results are predictable. We can almost guess whats coming up next. This gives us a lot of advantage. So we get used to sit in our comfort zone.

But what is the disadvantage of sitting in the comfort zone?

a) Comfort zone never allows to explore your full potential : By sitting in the comfort zone, we almost cannot explore our full potential. We dont realise our stretch points and strengths. We start to defeat our own-selves. Mind starts creating barriers to what we do. Eventually we get stuck where we are and a sort of rust starts forming on our body and mind. As a result, we stop updating ourselves and ultimately are overtaken by others.

b) Our comfort-zone is often out of Action : As illustrated in the above photo, our comfort zone is often out of the action. It keeps us away from the most happening places.  Steve Waugh the famous Australian Criketer and one of the fierce competitior has named his bio-graphy “Out of Comfort Zone”. Any one who has observed his illustrious career will understand why he named his book that way.

c) Comfort-zone creates insecurity : In the long run, comfort zone creates a sort of insecurity among our ownselves because, we see all our collegues and competitiors taking o us over comfortably and we remain reduntant. This redundancy creates a great discomfort among us and creates un-necessary stress.

Get out of the comfort zones. Do what you have not done through out your life to get out and enjoy. May be doing a scuba – diving, bungy jumping or even trecking. Go out to the travel, explore the world. Fear is the one which is stopping us to get out of the comfort zone. Try to defeat the fear repeatedly. Take up newer job responsibilites repeatedly to take up the challenges and prove your strength and capabilities. Get out and explore unlimited opportunities. Getting out of the comfort zone will give lot of comfort to the soul. Explore that comfort.