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Thank you very much readers

Today you made my heart fill with joy and you gave me an extra ordinary feeling. You gave me the confidence that I also can write.

My blog has just crossed 1000 hits in just over a month’s time of its begining. I have received more than 200 likes and loads of comments. I have a strong community of more than 70 followers.

All the credit goes to you readers. You have made my day. Please accept this post as tribute to all you wonderful community.

My special thanks to fellow bloggers Jeff Moore, Michael Lai, YashPal, Nothingprofound, Josh Rhyne, SSP Roy, Uthamz, Jaqui Murray, Rum Punch Drunk, tjhunt89 and many others. I cannot remain without taking the names of my friends Ravikiran,Vasu, Srinivas and Nishi and my buddies Sai Sri Manaswini and Mandeep Kaur for their continuous support.  Veena and Ramya, you have played your role in making it perfect. I feel ashamed that I could not take everyone’s name here who have truly supported me.

Thank you once again for the great support extended. You have increased my responsibility to write more and write well.

I assure you that I will try to keep up to your expectations.

Thanks once again.

Yours Truely