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Most of the personality development and motivational books I read have always spoken about Taking Responsibility. When I first read about the same, I felt little puzzled and amazed. I always felt that taking responsibility is an automatic process.

But when I have seen the same lines in so many books, I started pondering about the same. The following thoughts have come to my mind. I started believing about the most common perspectives about the responsibility among the people.

1. Responsibility is automatic : We all may think that, taking responsibility is an automatic choice  which comes with a certain “designation“, but which is not. Responsibility requires courage and Guts. Not every one of us can dare to take it. Most of them feel it as a burden. Taking responsibility can be about any thing. Littering the streets to Flushing a toilet to personal responsibilities to professional responsibilities. It has a lot to do with the upbringing, attitude and behavior of an individual.

2. It brings criticism with it: Yes, responsibility brings criticism with it. Sometimes, you may even lose a job or have to bear a huge personal or professional loss. The consequences of responsibilities are either extremely joyful or disastrous. More often than not it attracts negativity than the positivity. That is why most people fear taking it.

3. Its a burden: Most of us feel responsibility as a burden. I heard my team saying to me “Why should I take someone else’s job?” or “Its not my responsibility“. But more often than not, we tend to forget that in a team there are no such limitations. Even in a household, many a time wife and husband quarrel to find whose responsibility is to drop a kid to the school or who should bring vegetables etc.,

With the above perceptions or fears, most of refuse to take responsibility but I understand, taking responsibility can bring the following advantages.

  1. You will get noticed easily : A person who accepts and takes responsibility gets noticed very easily. He is one among the hundred who will roll his sleeves and ready to work and rescue. No matter where you are working, if you are ready to take up extra job, opportunities come to you quickly.  You may be the victim of criticism but remember criticism will only help you to improve your own self. People will not take much time to recognize your sincerity and they appreciate it.
  2. Can achieve milestones easily : Since this person is always ready to go that extra miles, it will be easy for the person to reach their personal and professional milestones easily. This person will not feel burden because he is prepared for the same.
  3. Better professional and family relationships : If you are able to assume responsibilities, It will also reflect positively in your work and personal relationships. You will be able to find more time for your loved ones. The people who are jealous about you taking the things in your own stride will move away from you and eventually you will be left with those who can support what you are trying to do. It provides a sense of security to the people depended on you.
  4. It can be practiced : Even though it depends a lot on personality traits, good news is that, you can still practice taking responsibility. It may strange sound but, you can still hold yourself accountable for what you are trying to do. You can still demonstrate you willingness to stretch and work for few extra hours.

“Taking responsibility is a very vial ingredient for a successful living. It will not stop in one aspect of your life. It reflects in each and every activity you do. It makes you different from a flock of other people who are timid, shy and want to be bossed. It makes you feel proud about your own-self and creates a sense of security among the others about you. The world needs responsible citizens too who will not pollute the climate and the natural resources. Let us live a better life and pass the heritage to the next generations by being responsible and by standing as role models.”