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ImageDear Friends,

I would like to express my deep and heartfelt gratitude to all of you for being my friends. I don’t know what I could have done without you people. You all have stood like pillars in every step of my personal and professional growth. You all have supported me when i was sad and smiled with me when I was happy. You all are still integral part of my life journey.

You have never lost confidence on me even when I have lost. You have never lost trust on me even when I have lost. You have never lost hope on me even when I have lost. That is why I respect you and I believe you.

You all know every single part of my life. You have rectified my mistakes and appreciated my achievements. When my life was in crisis, you have shown me the way. You all have shown tremendous respect on my suggestions and followed them when you were in crisis by giving me a honor of your true supporter.

Money, Girls, Geographical locations and Positions have never stood as walls in our friendship. We all have shared every single opportunity and threat among us and we still fear each other out of responsibility but not because of coercion.

Some of you are brave, some of you are visionary, some of you are enterprising and some of you are critical. All these have synergized and provided oxygen and strength to take me to my goals. I am sure it has also helped you a great deal.

We all met as individuals, then our wives have entered into our lives and then children. We shared all those happy moments and our friendship has greatly facilitated all of us to leave behind the past and sadness. We were never jealous on each other’s victories. Our loyalty to our friendship so far stood as unbreakable.

I believe and trust that our friendship remains the same and take all of us to the newer heights. I am proud that, I have earned those friends who can accompany me to my death.

You called me BD, BPK, Kumar, Bharadwaj and many other names. All those have depicted your affection. I know how much you guys love me.

Thanks for being my friends. I wish all the best to all of you.