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Life teaches so many valuable lessons. This is continuation of what we were discussing earlier. I would discuss some of the new aspects.

1. Life is full of challenges : Let us accept the fact that, Life is full of challenges. Every body’s life does. It’s not our life alone. Many a time we question that, why me. I will explain a classic example. Arthur Ashe one of the greatest tennis player who hold loads of tennis records once diagnosed for HIV positive because of a wrong blood transfer. It was talk of the town. Once people asked him, Why for him. Then he has given the classic reply. “There are so many people playing tennis. Only few of them have represented their country in Grand-slams. Only few out of them have won the grand-slams. Out of those only very few have achieved records. At this moment, I am top of all of them. This is a rare feat. When God has given me all this, I have not asked him Why me? Why should I ask now?” This would show us that, we need to appreciate what ever the life bestows us. Let us not complain and move ahead. It’s so easy to surrender. Let us not surrender. Let us try to fight it out.

2. Our life may not always be ours : Yes, strange but its true. Many of the times, we feel like we are leading our life. But the contra can also be true. We are surrounded by Family, Friends and various other stake holders who claim stake on our life. Some of the things we do may need to be done to keep them happy. Most of the times things happen out of your control. If we do not appreciate this fact, we are miserably dissatisfied.

3. Love what you do : If you love what you do, you will not work even a single day in your life. Life will not give an opportunity to us to do what we love. So, learn to love what you do. Don’t think about past and repent on what has already transpired. Just accept the fact and move ahead.

4. Nothing comes in a silver platter : Remember, nothing comes in a silver platter. There are NO FREE LUNCHES.  World is a gold mine. There is so much to offer for those who dare to explore and extract. For those, who expect every thing to come to them automatically, nothing will come to them. World is for fighters. Not for those cowards who expect easy money to come their way.