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Image1. Life is there to live : Live your life. You need not kill your own-self for something or the other. Leading the life in your own way gives lot of satisfaction. Most of the times, we copy lifestyles. Copying life styles will only create dissatisfaction as you know, you are wearing someone Else’s skin. You have every right to live the life in your own way and get inspiration from any source you want. But, be careful, living life should not cross it’s legal and ethical boundaries.

2. Demonstrate Values : In every aspect of life, you should demonstrate your own values and systems. Limiting yourself in the value chain not only gives satisfaction, but makes you noticeable. Follow the values with every one you love. Don’t take them for granted. Follow the time, or keep up to a word. It creates a tremendous aura for you as a person.

3. Try to make a difference : Bible says, human life is valuable and a difficult one to get. We need to utilize this opportunity by helping others. You don’t have to make a difference to a million people around you. Keep it simple. Even if you can make a difference to one life in your lifetime, you have achieved a lot. It can be through mentor-ship, or donating something or even any other-way you like. But try and make a difference to at-least one life around. By doing this, you are filling lot of courage. Ensure that, the one you are making a difference is not depended on you for every thing.

4. Keep it simple : Most of the people complicate their lives by taking so many loans or spending on parties or by not prioritizing. We must know the differences between needs and wants and should be able to draw a clear distinction between both of them. Keeping Life very simple will reduce a lot of unnecessary burden and stress from our heads.

5. Learn to Ignore : There are so many people out there to hurt you or say no to you or even make it complicated for you. Accept the fact that, these are part of life. Someone whom you have considered so special may not have the same opinion about you. That is perfectly fine. Respect their opinion also and learn to ignore all the nay sayers. It saves a lot of time and energy for you. Instead of worrying about them, invest that time in developing yourself.

6. Live in the present : Finally learn to live in the present. You have already seen the past and future we have never seen. It is the current moment, which is in our hands. Live up to it. Thinking about the past will not help in any way and worrying about the future neither.