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ImageAnother Favorite Story from “The Habit of Winning”

The story goes that many years ago there was this prosperous Persian farmer named Al Hafed. He had a large tract of land, and an even larger heart. He would play host to visiting traders, travelling salesmen and explorers and priests, and it was from one such priest that he learnt about diamonds. Diamonds that could make people rich, and make all their dreams come true.

Sensing an opportunity to earn a fortune, Al Hafed decided to go out and hunt for the diamonds. “I want them, and I am going to look for them,” he told the priest. He sold his farm, left his family in the care of neighbors and went looking for diamonds. Unfortunately, even after spending six months – and a lot of money – he did not meet with any success. Broke and heartbroken, he died soon after.

Meanwhile, back on the land Al Hafed had sold, the new owner was watering the plants one evening, when he suddenly saw something glistening. It was a large stone and, seeing its radiance, he picked it up and put it on his mantelpiece at home. That night, the old priest happened to stop by. Seeing the large stone, he exclaimed: “Ah, a diamond! Is Al Hafed back?” “No” said the new owner. “I just picked it up from the garden. In fact, there are lots of such stones all over the garden!”.

Yes, there were literally acres of diamonds in the plot of land which Al Hafed had sold and gone away from, in his search for diamonds. It’s an old story but the lessons are as valid today.

We often forget what is available for us in the quest for more. Let it be a change of job, a change of location or even change of the country. But we fail to recognise, the diamonds or the opportunities are just below our feet or in our backyard. We tend to confuse the diamonds as stones. Only hard work can polish those stones into diamonds.”