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ImagePlease Say Thanks to 

  1. Your Critics         –    For making you wise
  2. Your Nay sayers  –   For making you innovative
  3. Your Enemies      –   For making you strong
  4. Your Work            –   For making you productive
  5. Your Life               –   For giving you a chance to Live  and
  6. Your Country        –   For giving you a birth and identity

Please realise that, a hero will be a hero when there is a villain. A life will be a life when there are challenges. A man will be a man when he faces the odds. Nothing comes easy. Anything comes easy will bring some side effects with it. Fight to get what you want. History always remembers fighters but not the losers. Be a fighter always. Aspire for the strength to fight. A person who cannot respect what he already have cannot respect anything else.