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This blog is all about positive thinking, motivation, positivity and you call what ever. I started this blog to spread Positive thinking. But let us accept the fact that, there is also negativity in the world. There is also negative thinking.

Let us see what positivity a negative thinking can bring to life.

Pro – Active : We all lock our bags while we are traveling. We all lock the doors when we are away. We all double check whether we have locked properly. Why ? Is it positive thinking. No, its the fear and anticipation of some unforeseen. Because we anticipate, we are more alert and we are more conscious. The negative thoughts in the brain drive us towards more positivity.

Being Positive : We don’t appreciate the day light if there is no darkness. We don’t appreciate the victory of goodness over evil. Similarly we don’t appreciate the power of being positive, if there is no negativity. We often learn from negative people how we should not be.

Courage : If we can overcome the negativity, we can always achieve victory. Basically why every one needs motivation ? To overcome the negativity. Negativity teaches us to be more courageous. It lifts us morale up to beat it. It is within each individual. If we show determination to beat it, we are more courageous. If there is no negativity, i believe we never would have realized our own potential. Venom is life threatening, but if that venom is used in appropriate mix, it can also be life saving.

Let us accept the fact that, however positive a person is, there is a certain element of negativity because we all are humans. But, one who overcomes that emerges victorious.