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ImageSometimes when i sit alone, or even riding on my bike, trying to navigate through the traffic jams or struck in a rain and I still have to go, or surfing the net or even when trying to sleep, I keep on pondering over some strange (should i say that?) random thoughts.

One frequent thought is about peoples’ perception about God.

I always hear people saying that, “we have not offered our offerings to God, So he is actually testing us”. This is the most funniest thought in my view. Is the God so immature and kiddish that, he keeps on expecting offerings from us and eventually when he could not offered any thing by us, he takes revenge on us? Does he don’t know that after all its all his own creation ? People sacrifice goats, chicken and all other stuff to God saying that, they need to offer them to God. We all know that God is full of love and wisdom. Does he really wants to suck the blood of his own creation or wants to eat their meat ??

People also fight to determine whose God is great. Where is the comparison ? Does any one have ever seen two different Gods to compare them ? Any God or any religion for that matter has always proposed peace and tranquility. Religions may be different, but the philosophy is the same. When philosophy is the same, where is the point of one being great and not others ???

Some of my friends say that, their religious books mentioned that, God said the one who does not pray him, he is a sinner. What comedy it is. Does it mean that, God has created us only to recognize his greatness? Is God’s nature or mentality is a mean mentality that if we don’t pray him, he punishes us ? Prayers are only to show our gratitude towards him because he has bestowed us with such a beautiful life. We pray or praise God because He has given us a birth to be knowledgeable and make a difference to others. But saying that God expects our prayers will only demonstrate our foolishness.

What an awful perceptions these are about the God. On the one hand we say he is the creator, he is great, he is almighty. On the other hand we reduce him to a mean, lousy and normal.

These random thoughts make me wonder. Isn’t it that it looks like a serious flaw in our thought process ? I don’t know. I really don’t know. Is it our mean mentality making us to think like that or that our own ignorance and egoism are not making us to realise what the real nature of the God ?? As i said, i am perplexed. I don’t know.