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Sachin with 2011 Cricket World Cup

The following story is from one of my favorite books “The Habit of Winning” which explains about Attitude.

Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar, the best cricket player ever this world has seen after (may or may not be) Sir Donald Bradman.He was the one gifted a Ferrari by the great Michale Schumacher. He is the one who owns almost all the batting records of the game of Cricket.

On December 1989, in Sialkot, Pakistan, India was suddenly staring at the defeat in a cricket test match. Sachin was 16 years old then. Pakistani fast bowler, Waqar Younis bowled a nasty ball that went smack on Sachin’s nose. The poor boy was badly hit and his nose began to bleed profusely. It made for a sad sight on TV and most women watching were convinced that there ought to be a law to prevent a 16 year old from being subjected to such brutality.

As the Indian team physiotherapist rushed to offer first aid and the Pakistani players gathered to check out the bloody sight, the player who was playing along with Sachin, went down to a shaken – and still bleeding – Sachin. As the physio tried to stop the bleeding, the other player sugested to Sachin that he should walk off the field and get the treatment and come out later. Even the physio has offered help to Sachin asking him to walk off the field.

But Sachin brushed them away and said firmly ‘Main Khelega’ ( I will play). At that very moment every one on the field have understood that, here is a Champion player.

Sachin should have gone into the relative comfort of the dressing room but he didn’t. People watching would have understood but he knew his heart wouldn’t understand. The heat was on. India was in trouble. The blood was every where. But this kid would have none of it. He went on to score 57 runs and shared a match saving partnership with the other player.

That is what separates Champions from a normal player. The “ATTITUDE”. There will be times when the pressure mounts and you feel like throwing in the towel and calling it quits. That’s just the time when you need to put up your hand and be counted. Time to say I will Play. What separates champions from mere mortals is not just talent. It’s attitude. It’s just that mental strength.