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ImageI was staying with my friend till recent past in an apartment which is situated a busy place of a typical town. Our apartment is typically made of glass windows for so-called lighting and ventilation.  We used to sit in our balcony while taking our tea and breakfast, while doing the facebooking and also preparing for our daily work.

Every morning, my friend used to observe the laundry of our neighbors through our windows and used to comment on the quality of the laundry. His comments usually are “look how horrible they wash their clothes” “chee, these fellows don’t even know how to clean up their clothes”and blah blah.

I used to observe his disappointment and keep quite as it has became his daily habit. One fine morning to my surprise he came running to me and pulled me towards the window and showed the laundry and started praising the quality of the work with his usual … “dirty fellows, at last, they understand how to wash their clothes”. Then I simply replied to my friend, “Today, early in the morning, I woke up and cleaned our own window. Their clothes are clean every day, Its our window which was dirty”.

Even though it seemed very simple, I started wondering on what has happened really and it gave me very powerful insights.

Many a time, its our perspective which resembles the window. We don’t look at things as they are. We always look at them from predefined perspectives or through dirty glasses. We forget the fact that, we need to check our own point of view and start blaming others for what we have seen which may not actually true. We never think that, there could be a problem in what we think but we always believe that others are doing the mistake. We blame society, parents, friends, neighbors, boss, colleagues and God because of the circumstances we are in simply by forgetting we are the one, who created those circumstances. We don’t even realise and recognize the flaw in our own thought process. How horrible it is.

My friend was simply bewildered with the answer he got from me and expressed his deep sorrow because of his misunderstanding.

Let us change ourselves first. Let us “CLEAN OUR OWN WINDOW”. The world is always beautiful.