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Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication

You can never imagine how much this particular quote has impacted my life. More and more I think about this quote, more and more amazing its making me to feel. Simple living infact increases the respect about us in others. It makes us live as role models in the society. Infact, i started practicing this quote in my life for the last 4 years. This quote applies in all walks of life. To stay simple we don’t have to do bigger things. Domestic cleaning by ourselves, Car wash by our own, buying very simple mobile phones, Wearing a dignified enough dress (not an expensive one), staying away from Liquor, Not showing off, wearing simple accessories etc are part of simple living which are with in the reach of every one. I religiously follow all the above so I feel i am good enough to propagate such a theory. In fact simple living enhances the satisfaction and provides a sense of security. Most of us believe that, living expensive raises our stature in the society, but please think. Majority of the people try to live a blast of a life, but how many of us are actually staying simple? Buying a Land rover with a hefty loan cannot provide a worry free sleep. Yes money can do most of the things, but not every thing.