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ImageVeda, is my beautiful, lovable and adorable daughter. Since her birth to till now, I have hardly spent time with her. I was in Delhi when she was born and then shifted my self to Kenya leaving them back in India with my parents. She is entering her 3rd year in this October. What I hear from her mom every day is that, she is a keen learner, enthusiastic and have a photographic memory.

I would like to teach the following to her when eventually she will be with me. I always believe that, for a child its the foundation that should be strong and the value system should be built.

  • Respect :  I would tell her to earn respect by giving it first. Apart from achieving any thing in her life, she should be a good individual first. Her personality development would depend a lot on what she would learn in her tender years. I would teach her how to respect others, how to respect others and what satisfaction she would get out of it.
  • Compassion : I want her to be a human being with heart. I would tell her to be compassionate with other living beings on the Earth. Let it be a plant, tree or an animal. She should know that, the earth is not solely made for man. Earth is created for each and every other living being. Being compassionate is not going to reduce her value.
  • Positive Citizenship : More than any thing, I want her to be a positive citizen. I wish she could realize her roles and responsibilities towards her community and country. She must follow the societal rules in every aspect of her life. Being a positive citizen need not be necessarily that, she would join Indian Army, but at least she should develop her consciousnesses towards where she is living and where she is growing. I would start this by story telling. I want her to be a better individual. So, i would ensure that her value system sets in right and becomes a more friendly yet aggressive personality.
  • Not to be Self Centered : I am 35 now and even during my childhood days, we were taught not to be self – centered by our grand parents and parents. But, everywhere these days, the joint family system has collapsed and there are no such guides in the families. With both mother and father working, there are no one to spend time with the children and eventually most of the children are growing self centered and are victims of its side effects. The joy of sharing and the joy of helping and the joy of living for others is seldom , experienced by children of modern era. I don’t want my baby girl to grow like that.
  • Education : I would tell her, being educated is for being knowledgeable. I would encourage her to be educated to gain knowledge. I would tell her that, marks and grades are not every thing. My parents never pressured me to get ranks and grades. I have always studied in a stress free environment. I would pass on the same message to her.
  • Listening to her own self / Self Directed : I will tell her always to listen to herself. She must be doing what her heart says. It doesn’t matter for me. Its all about her. She can aspire to be a wild life photographer, Aeronautical Engineer, Classical Singer, Painter, Chartered accountant for that matter any thing under the sun. My job is only to encourage her in the lines she chooses for her self. I wanted to see her self directed rather the one who is always depended on others for her decisions. I want to make her a strong individual.
  • Financial Management : I want my daughter to be a better financial manager. I encourage her to start understanding the savings, financial issues and sensitivities in financial management. I will start this by telling her stories, taking her to bank with me and also by giving her a piggy bank etc.,

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