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1. Family System : Srilanka has a very strong family system. Its family system is almost as strong as India. Families are very nice and welcoming. You can as well access any families. Most of the families follow Buddhism. Male lead the families. Egypt is also a bit similar but the families are closed. As an outsider, you cannot almost expect an invitation from any family to visit them. Kenya’s family system is rather discrete. Divorces are very common and you can see scattered family members every where.

2. Security and Trust Among the People : Srilanka is as secured as a house. You will find no shops with big locks and keys. Even big to big shops are just locked with a small lock. People consider theft as a sin or taboo. The strong Buddhist values are strongly existent among the people. Egypt is also very secured. Shops are open till 3.00 am in the morning. The prices are also very cheap. People are normally very friendly. Even though police are on the roads, they never interfere in day to day life. People believe each other. Life is very smooth here. Security is a little concern in Kenya. Normally shops are closed very early. Even the trust among the residents is lacking. People normally don’t believe each other.

3. Culture: Apart from Colombo, normally Srilanka is a traditional country. People, particularly girls don’t wear revealing clothes and modern clothing. Sinhalese language is widely spoken derived directly from Sanskrit. Hindu traditions and culture is widely followed. Egypt being an Islamic country, the cultural and religious values are widely followed. Their belief towards their religion is awesome. The Mosques are awesome constructions. Kenya is mostly a Christian country and we can almost see an European culture. Consumerism, Cars, Education etc etc are widely taken from UK and Europe.

One common thing among Kenya and Srilanka is their love towards the nature and trees, their wild life and animals.

Nevertheless, young people are same everywhere. Hardworking and future oriented.

These are the three major differences I noticed in these 3 countries.