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Tell me about your friends, i will tell about you” – William Shakespeare. 

What a great quote it is. True after so many years and will remain true even after a century. I want to express my gratitude to all those amazing people i am surrounded with and my responsibility to share about them in this article.

  1. Ashok Sir: He is my boss. My boss for the past few years. He has always treated us as his friends but not as colleagues. This person is truly special and inspirational. He possesses some of the amazing qualities. He is an excellent critical thinker and thinks out of the box. His foresightedness is amazing and he always pushes you to the corner to bring best out of you. He is such a work focused person and never thinks about taking rest. His energy levels are amazing and he is always lively. These qualities are never boring. The more and more one observes him, the more amazing one would feel. He is the one attitude personified.
  2. Vasudeva Kumar (in the above photo, first from left) : He is my childhood friend and my best buddy even today. I don’t even know what has tied both of us together. Our friendship is a mere accident and it is growing stronger day by day. After completing his masters, he joined a small financial institute. But, I tell you, he knows what he want. Inspite of several disappointing advices from so many sources, he kept his focus on his goal. Eventually after 10 years, he started his own enterprise and now, he is the best in the business. Clients are after him these days purely because of the commitment and passion he shows in his work. He is the best example of “Be what you want to be“. Straight froward with never say die attitude.
  3. Ravikiran: Crazy about the education, Fun loving, Focused, Work minded and a highly intellectual. He recently won Sweden Fellowship in Corporate social responsibility. Not to mention, he is heading a Corporate responsibility division of a leading automobile company in India. Such a wonderful person to be with. This person will never bore you. Example of Energy. More importantly he is a Pundit in traditional Indian Culture and epics. His qualifications are lengthier than this post. Amazing.
  4. Nishikanth : What should I tell about him. A person with amazing networking abilities. He always takes things in his own stride. Takes time to understand but once he is on to it, he will see it finished.  Such a fun loving guy and a techie. Diehearted fan of Shakira and an expert in Adobe.
  5. Srinivas: He is younger to all the above mentioned and we call him as little dynamite. Full of energy and knows no fear. His fearlessness always inspires me and makes me to think about my self when i was younger. If this guy is around, he fills the mood with fun and brings lot of joy to the party.

There are also others whom I admire greatly are my Super boss. What an amazing woman she is. My mother is always a great friend of mine. I am also lucky to be surrounded by some others about whom I will share shortly. These guys always a source of inspiration and importantly all of them are always ready to help me and support. How lucky I am.

Thank you all for being with me.

Now guys please tell me about me 🙂