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Internet is one of the best thing ever happened to the mankind. It has erased all the boundaries between the countries and created a platform for an easy exchange of information and is a rich source of references and relevant material. This is a wonderful platform for bloggers like all of us. The impact it has created on human life is unbelievable. As every good thing comes with some cost, Internet too comes with some negative effects which already started impacting human life. Here are the reasons why I believe Internet is an Intelligence Assassin. The following 3 major weapons are being used by Internet for the same.

  1. Social Networking :  Social Networking has created a huge impact on human life. They provide us an opportunity to maintain relations with all our friends and relatives. They also provide us a chance to do online marketing. But, being addicted to social networking is actually killing lot of productive time. Just Imagine, a million people on the social network spends one hour doing either Face booking or Google +, or Flickr, how many productive hours have lost per day?  There are almost 800 million active users are using the Face book. If all those users are using FB each day even for 15 minutes, just imagine the damage.
  2. Search Engines:Search Engines are the most powerful tools over the Internet. They can provide us information as and when required. But, the situation is now that, most of the younger generations feel that, even for simple calculations, simple analysis, they need to depend on Google. They believe that, search engines are the only panacea for every online disease. These search engines are killing the brain’s capacity to retain the information and store it. If this continues, imagine the impact.
  3. Pornography : An online article has clearly mentioned, the 7 -ve effects of porn very clearly. Porn is slowly killing the human time and also weakening the social relationships. Pornography sites have no respect to human values and relationships. Exhibiting Incest on the internet is my biggest worry where in, it gives not a damn to essential human relationships. If all the younger generations start believing what has been shown on the porn sites is true and they can also do the same, it is nothing but deterioration of values and murder of the human intelligence.