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1. Never Say Die Attitude

The youths of Africa have this great quality. They show prolonged commitment and interest in what they do, provided, the spark is timely ignited. Once they get that initial push, there is no way to stop these young people. Youths are willing to take up opportunities and appreciably, there is no distinction between girls and boys in taking up opportunities. Young people appreciate the opportunity provided and show an eagerness to stick to those opportunities. Another great quality I find in some of the young people is persistence. They work and study. Most of the young people join evening classes and pursue their higher education along with what they do.

2. Independence

Most of the young people demonstrate the quality of being independent from their family. They are not willing to be a burden to the family after certain period of time. Most of the youths prefer to stay away from the family in most of the urban set – ups and once they start earning their wages and salaries, they contribute back to the families either on the education of their siblings, house repairs or invest in the health of the elders. They feel awesome, when actually they head their families and become daily bread winners. Amazing !!!

3. Hospitable

Young people are extremely friendly and very hospitable. They give a very warm friendship. Irrespective of some one is known or unknown they always greet them with a welcoming smile. There are no inhibitions and artificiality about their friendliness. Its pure affection. In-spite of the civil wars, conflicts and uncertainties, maintaining such a relationship with people is extremely noteworthy. They are not only hospitable but good risk takers and entrepreneurs. Most of the young people are involved in income generation activities to maintain themselves and to study.

I started to believe that, If these qualities are honed and the youths are shown right direction, the young people in several countries of Africa will change the future of this great continent. So very inspiring. Kudos to the next – gen. All the best.