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  1. Read, Read and Read : I always love to read not only to keep myself updated but also to get rid of the stress. Reading always gives me a point or two those, either new or reinforces my beliefs and values. It always gives me a new perspective.
  2. Quick Response : I always believe in responding quickly. Sitting on a file or issue never keeps me going. I feel like i am not working when I delay things. As far as possible, I believe in quick solutions.
  3. Chess : Playing chess always keeps me going. Playing chess in online forums or watching games on YouTube are always my best motivators. Every time I play a game, I learn a thing or two. Guess what, I am quick in this game too 🙂
  4. Writing : Writing always makes me think and brings best out of me. It is a form of self expression where there are no hurdles. When I write, I feel like i am on the top of the world.
  5. Friends and Family: My little group of friends are my energy. Talking to them always keeps me going. My circle includes Head of a Corporate Social Responsibility, Networking Expert, A chatter box, Head of a budding business enterprise, a crazy woman and my college mates. My 2.5 year old daughter always amazes me with her enthusiasm and observation. My wife is the best thing happened to me. She is so understanding. My parents, I would say best. The sacrifice they are making is amazing. Talking to them fills lot of fresh air in my body. My boss, I would say is one of the best critical thinkers I have ever seen. Lucky to be surrounded by those great people.
  6. Internet : One thing never ceases to amaze me is the Internet. The best thing ever happened to mankind. Even though there are flip sides, Internet is the most powerful weapon which can enhance the knowledge and take us to the next level. I can sink into internet with lot of ease and comfort.
  7. Cooking and Eating : I started enjoying cooking. It is one of favorite pastime. The food I eat, cooked with my own hands always yields loads of satisfaction to me. With cooking, I realised how difficult it is to cook and started appreciating the efforts being in put in by all those women in the kitchen. A big thanks to all those mothers, wives and sisters who are making us function smoothly, while they struggle in the kitchen. I also love to eat 🙂

Finally, I started picking up new habits 1) Loving what I do 2) Workouts and burning some calories. Since these are new habits, It would be too early to comment on those.