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My mother …. she is very special for me. She is an extraordinary woman I have ever seen. I still remember my childhood days where we used to live in a small tiny house and belong to lower middle class. My father was doing his best to up bring the family. He is the middle among brothers and have 4 sisters. My mother just finishing her teen-age has entered into a huge family.

She is an amazing woman with lot of insights in ancient Indian scripts and culture. She has finished her graduation after her marriage and when i was very small. They have political inclination and  were active in politics. Because of his health reasons, my father could not continue his professional career. After taking a beating in politics, both of my parents just opted out of politics.

Then begins the saga. Having no professional career, the whole family was standing at a cross-road. My mother as I explained, a strong lady with grit and determination, has chosen singing career as her career as she’z one of the best singing talents around. She has taken up all offers irrespective of their size and the amount she would earn out of those. She was doing traditional Indian dance playbacks, petty concerts and giving music classes. Amidst of all that, she has never lost her hope and determination. I still remember those days, where she has attended concerts right immediately after getting discharged from the hospital. In the meantime, my father started to encourage my mother and was accompanying her to all her concerts to take care of her. One blessing in disguise is my father is superbly passionate about music and to mold my mother as a great artist. She has taken advanced music classes and set up a music academy in the mean time.

I still remember those days, where she would tell me the great stories from the Indian Epics, encouraging me to do good education and also taking lot of care of me. She’s also hard on me when she has to. She with a great foresight, has sent me to language classes which is helping me even today personally and professionally. When I have finished my graduation, she backed me up for going to my masters. She stood as a great support and during some reasons, I had to miss one year and she has suffered the pain for the same more than me. She has to take a loan from the bank to send me for my masters. When I had to migrate to another state during my job, she’s the won who filled courage in me. I still look at her as my master and inspiration.

Through out my life so far, I dont even remember a single key moment without her able support and guidance. Now she is one of the top singing professional in my state and a source of inspiration to many like me. I still look at her when I am stuck and needed inspiration.

For so many reasons, she is my best friend, guide and philosopher. I cant even think what will happen to me in her absence.

Thanks my dear mother for standing by me and shaping my life into an useful being. Its your inspiration which is helping me day in and day out.

Happy Mother’s day mom !!!