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Image1. Breach of Trust : I always fear the breach of trust and i take extra caution not to break some one’s trust. Trust is something very hard to build upon and very easy to spoil. If trust is broken, even if it is built, it is not the same again. I cannot afford to break someone’s trust.

2. Respect : Over a period of time, I learned that respect is not to be demanded but should be earned. This is possible only when we respect what others are doing. Let it be a sweeper or a CEO. Every one deserves respect at their own level. More importantly respect is reciprocal. If you cannot respect others, you can not get it either. So, i cannot miss any opportunity to respect others.

3. Relationships : Breaking relationships will not lead anywhere. Maintaining proper relationships with mutual understanding can take us to great heights. Showing EGO in relationships only lead them to break. Letting relationships grow with Trust and Respect is very important.  Loosing relationships can be very expensive in the long run.