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  1. If you are hurt by a deed of someone, do not repeat the same to others
  2. Keep up your word
  3. Do not have expectations on others.

If some one hurts you by not keeping up the time, or by some words or its a deliberate insult which has taken a toll on you and you have experienced lot of pain out of it, please do not repeat the same to others and cause that pain to others. Be aware of your actions always.

If you give a word, try to keep it up. In case you are somehow not able to keep it up, say a wholehearted sorry to the other person. Please just do not ignore and leave it like that, it hurts.

Have limited or no expectations from others. This is the best way to stay away from the pain. Do what ever you could do always to help others if needed or being asked, but do not have expectations from the person. Don’t even expect either a sorry or a thank you from the others. The more you expect, the more dissatisfied you are. 

All the above will make us live happy thus by reducing the conflicts.