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  1. ImageI keep myself happy : No matter what. Every day, I try to keep myself happy. I try to find happiness in every thing and any thing. Often times, I succeed. Its office, or its home. I dont care. Importantly i tell myself a powerful line. “No body can intimidate or frustrate me”.
  2. Relaxation technics : I follow relaxation technics such as meditation and jog. I find some time to practice those relaxation methods. I also watch cricket, my favorite movies, speak to my friends and family etc., I dont mind finding some time for all the above.
  3. Keeping myself busy: I am trying to be engaged. Nothing better than keeping ourselves busy can reduce stress. Writing the blog, reading a book, involved in domestic work, cooking etc are giving me immense pleasure taking my stress away. More importantly i started loving what I am doing. Its taking all my stress away.

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