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1. Complaining : Please do not complain about any thing. Often times, we complain about the issues to a wrong person who can not do any thing about it. Complaining will not take anywhere. Start doing some thing to resolve the issue, instead of complaining.

2. Worrying : Stop worrying. With worry, you will actually end up in making a mess. Actually worrying magnifies the problem. Relax. Meditation, Yoga and other technics can help one to reduce worrying.

3. Cribbing : There is no point in cribbing and whining about certain things which are not in anybody’s control. Fall in Nasdaq, Raise of China etc are in no one’s hand. Similarly, in life sometimes, we may not have reached to the point where we wanted to reach. Remember, its only a temporary phase. One need to have patience to achieve. Nothing comes to us in a silver platter. Be patient and love what you are doing till you get the opportunity to do what you love.