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I realized in my life that, only the quality of appreciation lasts permanently. I was blaming people, blaming my self and cursing the life for every small thing though at a limited level. But, slowly when the feeling of appreciation started to taking off, i could observe, lot of my pain (which i was feeling earlier) started giving way to a kind of joy. That is a phenomenal change. I never anticipated that this could happen to me. So,If one learns to appreciate what ever happens to us, there will be no pain in life. We sit and start expecting things to happen automatically in daily living. We never realize that, we have no right to expect. We expect from every one and even from the surroundings. We expect respect, easy money, easy life and no hardships. When expectations turn into greed, that is when the real trouble starts. That is why we are destroying every thing now. But, when appreciation supersedes our expectations from life, there is will be literally no dissatisfaction. And where there is no dissatisfaction, there is bliss, peace and happiness.

I recommend to my readers to just think a wee bit and start looking life from a different perspective. Start appreciating every thing.

1. We never have appreciated this beautiful earth.

2. We never appreciated our pets for the joy they give.

3. We never appreciate the nature.

4. We always remember the bad others have done to us, but never appreciated the value they have added to our life.

We are not here to spread hatred and -ve emotions. Come. Let us all start appreciating what we could.