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Motivating  young people always keeps me feel very happy. My job as a Senior manager in a Youth empowerment project in Kenya, every day I meet hundreds of young people who are disadvantaged and vulnerable. I am also not less vulnerable as i stay away from my family. 🙂

Our major objective is to empower the young people and connecting them to jobs. We run short courses to enable the whole transformation among the youths. But, its not easy. Most of the young people are in a confused state of mind looking for a proper direction. Most of the Organizations they work with, ended up using them fully. So, the youths no longer have faith in the CBOs. The private sector treats the young people are trouble makers. Youths seriously lack role models in the communities to look up.  The scenario is not so healthy.

Here exactly i see my role. I not only want to encourage these people, but I also challenge them. I give them stretch goals to make them realize their potential and I also give them motivational talk. When I push the young people to achieve a challenge during the training they are with us, and when they perform it, I feel very happy. I can clearly see the disbelief in the faces of those young boys and girls that they have actual achieved it. I try to install positive thinking in their minds and make them realize their own strength.

I feel i am tapping into the untapped potential and making a big contribution where I am working now. What else can keep me going ????