Importance of financial literacy

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“Financial literacy is the ability to understand how money works in the world: how someone manages to earn or make it, how that person manages it, how he/she invests it (turn it into more) and how that person donates it to help others.”

From the definition one can clearly understand that, financial literacy deals with Earning, Managing, Investing and spending money. I think it is important to give this knowledge to children at a younger age so that they can understand the intricacies of money. The following will show why I think, giving financial literacy to children is important.

1. Financial Discipline : It is important for the children to understand earning money is not easy. If they develop easy attitude towards the money, it will not only make them irresponsible towards the money, but will also make them to think that, money is earned only to spend. Giving FL…

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What does this Independence day mean?

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We are about to celebrate our Independence day in a couple of days from now. But as usual, I am still asking myself, What does this independence day mean?

I still think that, we are still in the slave mentality. “Bhajan” culture has reached to new peaks in every sector of life. It could be politics, it could be cinema or even it could be in the bureaucracy. Individuals are getting more importance than the process. Congress Party, the recent TRS party and YSR congress and TDP are some of the examples of this. Even if you take film industry, there are innumerable examples of those. There is no need to talk about businesses.

We are forgetting the facts of how independence has been attained. Independence has been attained on the foundations of Ahinsa and Shanthi. Both are forgotten completely. Every where it is Hinsa and Ashanthi. Let it be…

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What does this independence day means?

We are about to celebrate our Independence day in a couple of days from now. But as usual, I am still asking myself, What does this independence day means?

I still think that, we are still in the slave mentality. “Bhajan” culture has reached to new peaks in every sector of life. It could be politics, it could be cinema or even it could be in the bureaucracy. Individuals are getting more importance than the process. Congress Party, the recent TRS party and YSR congress and TDP are some of the examples of this. Even if you take film industry, there are innumerable examples of those. There is no need to talk about businesses.

We are forgetting the facts of how independence has been attained. Independence has been attained on the foundations of Ahinsa and Shanthi. Both are forgotten completely. Every where it is Hinsa and Ashanthi. Let it be cross border terrorism or inhouse extremism. Things have changed drastically. If governments have started to torture people (like in UP and Telangana) for classic examples, where the common man would go?

Commercial India : India has started revolving around money and huge commercialisation started to happen in the minds of the people and its extremely dangerous. It is nothing but travelling backwards. People are no longer compassionate and charitable (atleast the new – zen per say) for which India is known for years.

Disappearance of Unity and Diversity : India is known for unity in its diversity. But, there is nothing to speak about it now. Vote bank politics have split India into Majority and Minority, Saffron Vs Green, Dalits vs Upper Crest. Insipid politics and Tuglak like rulers have spoiled the spirit of the country and now, regionalism has been included into this vicious cycle.

No progress in Education system or Research : All the five year plan system was totally diluted and there is no prioritization. Country is following an adhoc system of governance. (still have not considered Modi’s government’s existence for this article). USA already ruled the corporate India and the previous government. Just after being released by UK, we have landed into being ruled by USA, a much dangerous proposition.

Lost Culture : Pub – Culture, Playboy clubs and Rave parties. This is not India known for traditionally. All over the world, still India is considered as cultural guru and this is where we have ended up.

Still rich is growing rich and poor is growing poor and India is still developing.

This is not growth. This is not what the independence means. But, still, I am hopeful of seeing a new dawn. Incredible India, Mera Bharat Mahan.

Congratulations to all the readers on the occasion of India’s another Independence Day.

Self Talk – What do i talk to myself?


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Let me tell you. I used to be a damn extrovert.  Nothing literally nothing used to stay as a secret with me. I used to reveal about myself, my family, my background and every thing literally everything to all those whom I trust (and i trust people in a jiffy). The same thing has continued till the last year. Due to some dramatic instances, I stopped talking to people and started talking with my self. Every morning I bike to the office, I talk to myself, Every evening I return from the office, again its self talk. Once in every two days, I try to find time to talk to myself.  So, what that self talk is all about?

It is not some thing insipid or insane. It is not copious. It is very very diminutive. But, my self talk is all about reflection. I usually playback or rewind the moments before that self talk to evaluate what went right and what went wrong. Who is correct and who is incorrect. What is true and what is false. In the hindsight, what I should have been doing and what had i done. It gives me tremendous insights on what to do. Next time when i face such a situation, it helps me not to stammer. 

Speaking with others may release our frustration, but words always carry from person to person. And many a time they are miscarried with or without malice. Whether they have been carried with or without malice, the carrier is still damaging our personal reputation. These carriers work as catalysts to exacerbate the situation. 

Speaking to ourself is a remedy. Its a panacea. It is like healing. When you evaluate what has happened and realize things happened without your mistake, it gives you a kind of relief. If things happened with our mistakes, it always provides us an opportunity to rectify. During the self talk, I always ask the following to myself. 

1. Am i doing right in that situation ?

2. Am i talking sense in that situation ?

3. Was I in control of that situation ?

4. Was my behavior correct in that situation?

5. Were others right in that situation?

6. If i was wrong, what was the mistake?

7. What should i do, If i don’t have to repeat that mistake?

The same self talk I perform, even when I am going to take an important decision or standing at the cross road. It has helped me a lot and it can help you too.

Dos and Don’ts in a relationship


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  1. Do respect others : This is the first and foremost thing to do. Always respect the other person. Respect their emotions, work, and feelings. Never ever try to hurt them. Try to comfort them and give them the warmth they need. Do not ignore them.
  2. Do not police : Policing the other person in a relationship can hurt the tie up big time. show the trust and faith on the other person. Trying to break their emails, trying to peep into their Facebook or spying on their schedules will not help. If you are not happy, discuss and break up. But, if you are married and having children, never ever try the option of breaking up. It doesn’t help.
  3. Do Cooperate : Relationships are all about understanding and cooperation. Always try to do those little things for others and in turn they will do the things for you. Thinking that, every time others should work for you will not take the relationship anywhere. After all others are not slaves. 
  4. Do not let I am ok you are not ok attitude : This is important for a long lasting relationship. Both are equal in a relationship. Thinking that one is always right and others are always wrong cannot take it any where.
  5. Do listen : Be a good listener for a successful relationship. Even though, you know that, what others are speaking is rubbish, first let them finish what they are saying. It always gives others the confidence that, they can come back to you in crisis. Once, they finish, try to put your point straight. 
  6. Do not poke into the past : This is a big mistake most of us do. In a relationship, we always try to insult or belittle the others by poking into the past or poking at their past. Never ever do this. We all made mistakes and so does they. 
  7. Do show your confidence to others : Even the situation is heated, try to show that confidence to others that you are actually trying to sort out the things, than trying to complicate. Let the guilt remain with them, but not with you. 
  8. Do not slip words : Abuses / slip of tongue will only complicate the issue. Try to stop the conversation, even it looks abrupt. Walk off from the scene or disconnect the phone (if argument is taking place on your phone). Just allow the situation to settle down. Give it some time. Because, people remember what you have spoken for a long time. 
  9. Humble yourself : Instead of doing a fault finding with others, humble yourself. Accepting other’s view point temporarily will not reduce your respect even a single bit. Be accountable. Do not feel shy about being accountable. It pays. 
  10. Do not panic : Panicking and behaving violently will only worsen the situation. Keeping quite always helps. Other’s would realize your greatness at a later point of time and you will gain the upper hand automatically. Never ever, hurt others. Remember, people may forgive but they don’t forget.
  11. Finally do not think about divorce : If nothing works, then divorce should be the last last last option. Many a time, most of the relationship problems are egoistic and can be sorted out with simple discussions. Allow your parents to intervene or your friends to come in or do the maximum to stand on the relationship. Do not choose for the easy option. Every individual is different and they have different feelings and emotions. Coexistence is the beauty of any relationship. Do not spoil the beauty. Lowering your self will only add value. Does not decline.

Narendra Modi as a new Prime Minister and What does it mean to India


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  1. Leader with a vision : After 10 years of insipid UPA rule, led by congress, the whole India is looking for a person who can help India to advance with a vision. And fortunately, the new prime minister has a lot of vision and he had already proven his capacities in the last 15 years as a chief minister.  He is able to attract loads of foreign investments to Gujrat during his regime and can the same be expected for a larger country at a larger level. He embraced development agenda beyond caste, creed and other political vote bank agenda. That has won him lots of laurels. The opposition itself has to accept the development produced by this man.
  2. Strategist : Mr.Modi is very unconventional and out – of – the box person. His strategies in the political / Goverment warfare are un – paralleled. The way he has won the recently concluded electoral battle in India is the evidence for it. The way he has reduced the corruption in the Government of Gujarat was simply amazing. The way has protected the law and justice are simply superb.
  3. Man with a voice : He is not a puppet in the hands of some one. India has seen something like that for the last few years and people got frustrated. There was a parallel power center in the Government and it used to have a major say on the policies and politics. This man is powerful enough not to have that happen again.
  4. Guts : This man have the huts to speak about the border issues we are facing with Pakistan and China offlate. The ruling party was not able to do it effectively during its previous regime. Political people tried to sling loads of mud at him, but he got the courage and guts to come clean from it and emerged as a winner. Even though, the rape cases are rampant in India these days, Gujrat is one of those states where rape cases are reduced to a minimum and Gujrat is one of the safe places for the women.
  5. Humble background : Most of them may not know but, he is a man from a very very humble background. He used to help his father to sell tea in the railway stations. He has seen what life is. At the age of 19, he left home exploring the truth. He wanted to become a saint, but was stopped by his teacher. So, none better than him, would understand the plights of the common people.
  6. Man with lots of humility : This person is humble enough to send lots of personalised thanks giving cards (after being declared as the would – be prime minister) to his supporters in the Twitter. He is the one who takes time to respond to people. He is the one, who wants to mingle with the people and know their situation in and out.
  7. Unanimous : India has never seen such a wave towards a person. He has won almost unanimously. Entire India has accepted him as their prime minister. Minorities, include Muslims has agreed and accepted his leadership. A point to be noted is that, Modi was projected as a threat to the Muslims. Winning 71 out of 80 available seats in Uttarpradesh, one of the strong Muslim strong holds just prove that point. It means, almost entire India has seen a leader in him and vested the responsibility on his shoulders.
  8. Hardworking and Enterprising : He wakes up around 4.00 am in the morning and works till 11.30 in the night. During the recent election campaigns this man has traveled around 300,000 Kms and addressed more than 5000 public meetings. He has spoken with Tea Sellers to college students to IT experts to Film actors to … the list goes on. Gujrati’s are natural risk takers and enterprising. Those entrepreneurship qualities and risk taking are the need of the hour for India now.

Finally, this man is not from “Gandhi’s” family. We all believe that, he looks at India from a new perspective. If he does not live up to the expectations, he knows what would happen to him in 2019. So, along with me entire India believes that, he would do well. We wish him all the best .

What life means to me ?


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  1.  Life is an opportunity : Life is an opportunity to live. Life is an opportunity to prove my worth. Life is an opportunity to live and Life is an opportunity to achieve. Let what may come, there is no joyous experience than living it. The beauty lies in taking the challenges that life throws at you head – on. I feel pity at people, who succumb to those challenges without realizing their own potential. Life invites you to conquer it but not to surrender to it. 
  2. Life comes only once : You cannot born just as you are twice. It is only a one time event. What you want to do with that is up to you. For me, I love to enjoy most of the moments. I am also a human, I will also feel depressed, disappointed and down – trodden. But, I like to quickly get on with it. Thinking about what has happend for a long time is not my game. Eagerly waiting for the next moment, living in the present and ignoring the past is the most wonderful thing happens to me quickly. I really enjoy conflicting my own self, talking to my own self and engaging me by me. Think about others, and at-least make a difference to one more life during the life time. Don’t just be selfish. People should remember how you lived but they should not forget who you are.
  3. Life is not a life without adding life to it : A life not well lived is not a life at all. I always add some life to it. I do lot of mischief, i do a lot of poking and I make fun of my own self. Without that, life is like a travel in the desert. I don’t even mind about what other’s think about me really some times. I enjoy people crying over me and people appreciating me. I believe in being a bundle of emotions than being a mere vegetable cutting tray. Loving an animal, enjoying a song and reading a beautiful book are some of my ways to adding life to life.
  4. Life is fast and furious : Every moment you spend, is taking you near to your death. Life is so dynamic. If you can match that dynamism, that is where you enjoy. Waiting for a life time for things to happen has never occurred to me. Finishing what is in my hand and moving on with what is going to come is my style of living. With in a blink, life can turn on its head. There is no point in thinking about it. Get on with it. The thrill and adrenaline rush in facing challenges and beating them out can never match any thing.
  5. I hate suicides : Let what may come, you are not entitled to commit a suicide. Life is much more valuable than what prompts you to make suicide. In fact, suicide need much more courage. If we put only a small percentage of that courage in facing our problems, we can easily conquer those problems. What ever could be the reason, I hate suicides and people commit suicides. They are sick people and don’t deserve even a chance to get the opportunity to live.
  6. Some times, Life is out of control : You may think, this is my life and i can control it. But, accept the fact that, some times things are not in our control. Some times, things happen just like that. One can not do much about it. My best approach for those situations is to enjoy those. Remember, you cannot change most of the things. You cannot change your parents, you cannot change where you have born and you cannot change how you are going to die. What ever comes in between, goes in between.
  7. Take every opportunity : For me, I prefer taking every opportunity that comes my way. It may be a late night travel through a thick forest or going to a Tsunami effected area. Doing scuba dive or a bungee jump. Learning music or writing a blog. I prefer to explore. Sitting bogged down is what i fear most. Nothing stops me from exploring those challenging moments. 
  8. Most of the problems are self – inflicted : In life, most of the problems are self – inflicted. Most of problems we see are not problems at all. Changing the perspective a wee bit can make a big problem to an easy achievable challenge. That is what I believe mostly. 
  9. Trust : Trust others to gain the trust. Life with full of skepticism is nothing but hanging our self to a tight rope. If one keeps on doubting every thing, there would be a moment where one cannot trust their own selves. I just don’t want to end up there. 
  10. Finally, I don’t take most of the things to heart : I don’t take much of the things to heart. Life is too small to live and there is no place for those incidents in my heart which would pull me down. I rarely fear ( I really do some times). But, fearing a fellow human being is one of the worst things those could happen to you. My life is full of fun and energy. Nothing more than that.

Master and Servant – A small story on Attitude


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Once upon a time, there lived a master and a servant. The servant was very honest and hard working and he worked for a good 30 years serving the master. He would never ask any thing and would work for hours and hours and hours.

The master is also observing the honesty of this servant and always was thinking about how to benefit the servant. When the servant has reached a saturation point, he went to the master and asked him to permit him to retire and go back to his home in the upcountry. Master agreed and asked the servant to do one last assignment before he leave. He has taken the servant to his back yard and showed a pile of wood,bricks and stock of cement and asked the servant to construct a strong house.

The servant was little unhappy. Though he was honest, he was dissatisfied as well. He always thought, he was not compensated enough for his hard work. When the master asked him to construct a house, he thought, that was not going to yield him any thing and decided to do a halfhearted job. 

He just finished constructing a weak house which for the looks was alright, but not strong enough to live. He went back to the master and reported the completion. The master was happy and told the servant that, all those years he was not able to compensate the servant enough and at the age of retirement, he wanted to gift the house to the servant. Now, what the servant has constructed was a gift to him and the servant can stay in that house forever.

Servant was shell shocked and started repenting on his compromise at the last minute.

This is true for all of us. We take all our years of work to donkeys for a minor dissatisfaction. We don’t see through the effort we have put in for all those years. We lose our integrity at the last moment and start showing our dissent.  That is why they say, attitude is every thing. Losing attitude at the last moment can spoil all those years of hard work and the reputation earned. Building goodwill is very difficult but losing would take only a single moment. So let us all be careful in not to lose of focus for petty issues. Let us look at the big picture. Believe in tomorrow. Your hard work would definitely get you noticed.

My Travel to Andaman


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Andaman and Nicobar islands are such a beautiful places for a travel. I have visited them in 2014, January with a set of my colleagues. I loved the place, the place is full with lots of green and coconuts every where. I have never imagined that, the place would be so beautiful and such an awe taking place to watch.

We have traveled from Hyderabad to Chennai in a flight and then traveled to Andaman in a flight from Chennai. It has taken almost 3 hours for us to reach Andaman which is nearer to Malaysia. You travel such far distance and you are still in India. Amazing. We were received by our travel agents from the airport and were transferred to the hotel in a jiffy. The road was very pleasant with so many coconut trees welcoming us.

The roads were clean, neat and the city Port Blair looked perfect. Very very pleasant and not much of pollution. People looked happy and the city center was busy with pearls and coral selling shops.The food served to us was excellent. Chicken and Sea Food are the specials you get at Andaman. Sea food has good variety of Crab, Lobsters and Fish. The coconuts were amazing in size and the water is as tasty as it can get.

We got into the Hotel and then we were taken to the famous cellular jail for a light and sound show. The show was not so impressive but getting into that historic jail gave me goose bumps. During those days (of war), reaching there would have been very difficult but getting back was next to impossible. During the next day, we have seen the jail again and the atrocities exercised on Indian war victims were horrible. We went inside the jail and have seen the cells.

People speak amazingly good Hindi and English. You would never ever face language problem in these Islands. The cost of living was high as one could expect it as the whole economy was dependent on travel and sea products. Indigo and Spice jet operate flights to Andaman. Visitors are not allowed to Nicobar Islands as some primitive tribes are still living there.

We went to various Islands including Havelock and Ross Islands. Havelock is the place for water sports and tourism attractions. Every where, hotels were kept neat and tidy and our travel agents were right on the money. The time maintained by them was good and not in a single place we felt  like we were left out. Visit to the Anthropological Museum in Port Blair was another awesome experience. You could see the evolution of civilization in the museum. We went to Ross Islands in a ferry and every time with every move of ferry, you can feel your spine chilling.

Water Sports are amazing experience at Andaman. Havelock has amazing range of water sports including Scuba Diving, Snorkling and almost a dozen more. Going to Havelock in a cruise was never forgettable experience. That is the first time for me to travel in a cruise and it never felt like, we were going in a cruise. The travel was smooth and there were no much bumps en route. The beach was neat in Port Blair and we have taken a ride on speed boat.

For people who wanted to get surprised and want to totally be relaxed from the chaos of the city life, Andaman would be a nice destination for a travel.